Specification Sales Training

I hated every minute of training but I said don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion
Muhammed Ali

We’ve devised a training menu to suit different needs and these will also be carefully tailored to individual company requirements:

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself and the best investment companies will make is giving their sales people specification sales training.

Many companies can make the mistake of focusing purely on product training, resulting in failed opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

HardingConsult understand that selling is a true profession and should be recognised as such. To perform at their peak and deliver consistently high results organisations need to invest in relevant development and training for their sales teams. Consider that you can be losing opportunities and revenue by sending sales people out into the field ill or unprepared.

Manufacturers training menu

Specification sales training

The extremely demanding profession of specification selling involves a consultative sell and keen project management skills. These courses will cover all aspects including the essential principles of consultative selling.

  • Specification sales management 2 course day
  • Specification selling skills 2 day course
  • Key accounts management 1 day

These will be held onsite and tailored to the culture and ethos of the company. We also offer customised courses developed with the management team. These incorporate modules pitched at varying experience and skills of individuals. There is no one size fits all approach which works for an active learning approach.

Designers and contractors training menu

Professional selling skills 2 day course

Customers are no longer just buying a design service but increasingly they are buying a trusted advisor, someone who helps them solve their business problems and challenges.

We will help you develop the synergy of being part consultant part partner- a problem solver and relationship manager.

Rates for sales training are negotiated on the basis and timescales and individual project requirements.

``Trilux employed Hardingconsult to undertake four sales training sessions, split into two specific training subjects. Jo Harding undertook the research, planning and implementation of these sessions and provided Trilux with a well structured and well delivered course. Her years of knowledge and experience within the Lighting sector provided her with an ample number of examples and material to help support her training message and give her the credibility that was required to win over the sales team.``

Trilux Lighting Ltd

``Harding Consult have inspired our external Sales team with a logical and methodical approach to business. This involves sometimes obvious steps like training to engage and close opportunities which are often overlooked by the new technical sales or long service sales team. Teams are often focused on their reactive business and forget the new business opportunities. Further advanced Management training is also offered; crucial for expanding and developing a sales force.

A simple, enjoyable structured learning solution is provided, backed up with continual support when needed.``


``We engaged Joanne to provide some specification sales training as we had identified a strategic need to strengthen our skills in this area.
The training proved to be a great investment and was extremely worthwhile. Joanne was very easy to work with, has great experience and skills and is a highly capable communicator.
We can highly recommend her.``

Paul Collings